Branding/ Visual & Interaction design

Patch Languages

Hermanos Clever

Patch is a revolutionary language learning method, it consists of 15 minutes phone conversations focused on improving your english. After your call, Patch delivers a complete analysis of the session for you to review.

The branding process began with a phase of analysis and research, to lay the foundations of how to combine the exclusivness of the product with its human part. The challenge was to create a symbol that represented the essence of the brand and be inspiring. The brand concept was developed around conversations as a new learning dynamic. Dialogues creates a personal space, a relationship with your conversational partner that boost your motivation and enhance your skills. Furthermore, immediacy and flexibility are essential features that had to be transmitted with the brand.


The product is personalised and really flexible, the reservation process had to be really intuitive and usable. 


The user can repeat a patch as long as she feels comfortable with it, and then complete it. Categories filters are provided to easily manage all the patches the user is given after each call.

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