Business Cards/Graphic Identities

Oliver Hernaiz Architecture Lab

IS Creative Studio

Oliver Hernaiz Architecture Lab is an office devoted to urban analysis and cultural research of contemporary society through design, architectural practice and urban strategy. The approach was totally straitghforward, if the action of building is to join different shapes and materials, we wanted to create something that was completely opposite, a card that you have to break, segment or deconstruct to use it.

The cards has been perforated into different segments that represent the areas of an architectural drawing that can be segmented in different ways tailored to the needs in an efficient way. These different variations arise depending on how you tear it apart. The patterns we use in the back are those that come by default in AutoCad (architects software) the absurd and ironic side that we love the most.


Different variations arise depending on how you tear it apart. In each sheet there are twenty-one different card possibilities without repeating the same design once.


The card can be broken down on two parts without impairing its function, since the information is distributed equally on both sides.

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