Visual & Interaction design

Hermanos Clever

Bucmi is an online beauty booking service, with more than 3.000 beauty centers and more than 200.000 monthly users, it is the largest provider of beauty and wellness services in Spain. Almost 4 years after its foundation Bucmi keeps growing, since the service leans on a very solid product.

Our mission was to help them improve the user experience and conversion of the product, in order to ease and make more effective the research and the booking process. Working closely with their team brought us to a general insight about the problems the users were experiencing. After some user testing sessions we started redisigning the key elements of the product's interface to enhance it and make it clearer and friendly.


Since opinions are very important in Bucmi, we had to made them stand out at first glance in the center's profile page.


The reservation process had to be straightforward, only 3 simple steps to get the booking done.

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